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How should we mark International Women's Day?

It is International Women’s Day...a day of importance to this female business owner; a day of importance to this talent development professional and coach; a day of importance as the Mom of a young woman who is destined to set the world on fire.

Today I did what I should do more of every single day...I spent my morning uplifting other women. I sent a job description to a peer; I arranged two female mentoring check-ins for this week; and I spent time with a search firm singing the praises of a female colleague who is about to secure a seat at a big table.

In the process of building and running my own business, I have learned that your biggest professional asset is your network. Women need strong male and female professionals in theirs. In speaking with a young professional last week, she told me that the person who made a seat at the table for her was not another female but her male boss. She said he had done more for her than any mentor in her academic and professional path.

So if you are looking for a way to mark this day, whether you are a male or a female leader, look no further than your org chart, your contacts list or your LinkedIn feed. You won’t have to look very far or very hard to find a strong female to develop, encourage and promote.

Our future thanks you.

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