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Red Threads on Fire

On Friday, I had the opportunity to guest lecture in ChemE300 at my Alma mater.
Hosted by my former AP colleague and kindred Myers Briggs F, Monty Alger, I spoke to this group of students about Love + Work and how to integrate both into their future. I have received great feedback on our time together, which started with the We Are…Penn State chant and ended with an invitation to connect with all of them on LinkedIn and offer any guidance I can. (Invite remains open☺️)

I chose Friday to lecture so that I would be in town for the most incredible
show on earth, the Penn State Dance Marathon. Our student-run philanthropy raised over $15 million dollars for the Four Diamonds Fund at Hershey Medical Center (take that Ohio State☺️)

It was a great weekend. My red threads are on fire as I head into this week. I hope yours are, too.

We Are…

PS a special thank you to Valerie Ogoe and Rory Rafferty who snapped some pictures of my lecture. I especially love the smiles in them.💙#love#work#careerdevelopment#futureleaders#redthreads#thon
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