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How to Overcome Perceptions about Female Leadership

I am honored to be working with several female leaders. As a coach, I see them working as hard as they can to produce results. Often, they are so busy producing results that they don't take the time to "show their work" or tell others about the challenges they are facing and the hurdles they are clearing. The danger: they make it look too easy and they are not recognized for their efforts. An added danger: their bosses, the BOD, their family, or their friends may feel free to add to their pile of work (because they are making it look so easy...why not add more?) vs. help them to complete the assignments in front of them.

I love contributing to all of these panels with my peers Forbes Coaches Council. This one hits home for me and many of my clients. Take a read, not just as a female leader, but for those of you who mentor and lead females in your workforce. Teach them the importance of showing their work. #femaleleadership #mentoring #thefutureisfemale #supportingwomen #executivecoaching

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