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Asking for What I Want

When I coach someone, we often cover the subjects of transparency, vulnerability, and the importance of asking for what you want. Maybe you are like me and struggle in taking your own advice. If so, this is for you…

My first and largest corporate client went through a change in leadership and strategic direction recently. This client holds a special place in my heart because they were my first. More candidly, this client held a special place in my portfolio because they were my largest. While I continue to partner with them, the work that I will do for them in 2021 will decrease in volume. This means I have the opportunity to add more clients in the new year.

I know there are ways I could “hint” without sharing this information directly, but I want you to understand why I have availability in my portfolio. I know there are “creative” ways that I could try to capture more clients like a “coaching or team development special,” but I decided to tell you where I find myself and see if authenticity trumps creativity. And I know I could casually mention that I have the opportunity to add clients (because I have been doing that for a few weeks;), but a good coach once told me that you have a much better chance of getting what you want if you ask for what you want.

So, here it is…I want to add new clients in 2021. I believe the work I do around making your team perform at its best or making you perform at your best is about leadership and human behavior and for me, that translates across industries and organizations of different sizes. I have a long list of references to back up my belief, and I am happy to share them with you or talk to you about how I could assist you, your team or your organization, no obligation required. You may think that the current COVID environment is not the time to invest in team or professional development, but I guarantee you that your team is not functioning as well as you would like in these challenging conditions. I will also bet that you are writing at least one performance review where you are concerned about derailing behaviors in a rock star employee, or you are searching for a development opportunity for a high flyer to help keep them engaged and growing in this challenging time. If so, let’s talk.

My last demonstration of asking for what I want is…if I have worked with your team or we have worked together and it has been a positive experience for you with demonstrated results, please share this information with a colleague, a peer, or a friend. I would greatly appreciate it.

And if you are finding yourself challenged to take your own advice, I hope this offers you the slightest bit of inspiration. In 2020, if I have learned anything it is the importance of being transparent and vulnerable with one another. In 2021, my personal and professional development plan will have a headliner…ask for what I want. Thanks for letting me get an early start on it.

Happy Holidays and Here’s to a GREAT 2021.

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