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Adaptation, Revision and Change

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change.”

Richard Branson

It’s Monday, September 10, 2018 and I am launching the website for Jill Helmer Consulting.

While the site itself has been under construction for only a short period of time (thanks to the amazing partnership and work of Nitin Krishna), the business that it is showcasing has been under construction for my entire professional career. And when you consider 26 years of experience, it doesn't take you long to imagine that the road to here has had some glorious views of amazing places, as well as some potholes, flat tires and detours.

I am incredibly proud to launch this site and share with you the view from the amazing places. I love working with clients as they experience high five moments transitioning into new roles, breaking through productivity barriers with their teams, and finding ways to become better leaders. The smile on my face in the photos and the experiences that I highlight have been an amazing part of my journey. They are a significant portion of what qualifies me to help you, your team or your organization.

But what you won’t see highlighted on these pages are the moments that aren’t photo worthy. The moments where I have been at a crossroads of adaptation, revision and change. The moments where I was at a fork in the road because the path that I had planned to take was blocked. You won’t see me deciding if I should remove the barrier in hopes that there was paved highway ahead or if I should take the dirt road to the right.

You won’t see the moments where I have sat with trusted peers and leaders, friends and clients and just listened…listened to their stories and their struggles as they approached a crossroads in their career. You won’t see me sitting there with them as they shared with me how a recent decision in their organization or a recent action by their boss left them feeling frustrated or humiliated…and you won’t see me reminding them of their worth and building them back up to go out into their world. Those are the “real” moments. Those are the moments that I am most proud of…and in my humble opinion, those are the moments that qualify me the most to help you, your team or your organization.

Because all of us in our careers and our lives have photo worthy moments, and we also have moments where we hit potholes and detours. What happens when we come to the detour is the most important part of our story. Which road do we take? Do we plow ahead, pretending that nothing has changed, or do we adapt, revise and move forward?

I am proud of the clients that I work with because in working together, they commit to adapting, revising and changing. Some of the changes that they make are small but lead to bigger opportunities, and some of the changes that they make are big and lead them to better opportunities.

I am proud of the person and the business that you see showcased on my website. Two years ago this month, I took a leap of faith and launched this business after finding myself at a fork in the road. Celebrating this milestone reminds me that my greatest accomplishments have come when I decided to adapt, revise, change and move forward.

Today I would like to offer my abundant thanks to those who have believed in me and cheered me on every step of the way. It takes encouragement and a great support system to help anyone as they adapt, revise and change…and I am grateful for mine. If you are looking for someone to help you adapt, revise, and change…give me a call. From personal experience, I can tell you that glorious views are ahead, and we can find them together.

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11 сент. 2018 г.

Jill, you have such amazing abilities . . . as a consltant, as a writer, as a genuine human being to mention a few.. Your website reflects all of that beautifully! I wish you continued success in your business & clear roads ahead!


11 сент. 2018 г.

Congratulations Jill!! This is a beautiful website! I love how fancy my typing turns out!!

You are a beautiful role model!!

Wishing you many clear roads ahead!! Xxoo

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